How to Use Feng Shui

Feng Shui Tips for Better Health

Feng shui priorities for a home that will support vibrant health:

    1. Fresh, good quality air. Easier said than done, I know. Very often ignored, good quality air is indeed the # 1 feng shui health priority. Work with feng shui air-purifying plants, open the window often to aerate the space, use essential oils to clear the air, use air-purifiers, etc. Do whatever it takes to find solutions for better air in your home; breathingclean air regularly is the feng shui foundation for your health and well-being.
    1. Sufficient natural light. This also includes intelligent, smart indoor lighting. I know this feng shui step, again, is easier said than done. Once you focus on the quality of light, though, you will very quickly sense  a shift in your health and well-being. Light is our #1 nutrient, be wise and give your body enough light nutrition. This also includes the smart use of feng shui colors, as color is light.
      1. A clutter-free space. Again, not easy to do, thus often the feng shui step of clutter clearing is ignored in favor of more “flashy” feng shui cures. Be serious and realize that no amount of wind chimes, good feng shui colors or feng shui plants will negate the low, depressing energy of clutter. You just have to deal with your clutter, as clutter constantly drains energy from you.
You might not have the energy to start clearing clutter or do major furniture rearranging, but you might still employ some easy feng shui solutions to help you out.
  • Thoroughly cleanse your kitchen and let go of any unhealthy foods.
  • Bring fresh herbs like basil, rosemary or mint (Wood feng shui element), ideally in clay pots (Earth feng shui element) and find a good place for them in your kitchen.
  • Always have fresh water in site. A good idea is to place a row of spring water bottles (Water feng shui element) that you replenish as necessary.
  • Have 9 oranges (Fire feng shui element) in a round metal bowl (Metal feng shui element.) Replenish them, too, as needed.
  • Be sure to aerate your kitchen often and let natural light in.

    What makes the energy unhealthy?

    clutter – energy which has become stuck and stale around piles of stuff which we have not attended to for some time, can make us congested in our body, confused in our mind and stuck in our life.

    badly arranged furniture or rooms – bed facing the wrong direction, furniture out of balance in the room,  corners and edges of furniture aiming at people, long empty stretches of room or hall.

    harmful energy from outside – single trees or telegraph poles in line with the front door, heavy foliage in the front, weak foliage at the back, energy rushing around instead of meandering

    wrong colours – each colour has an energy vibration which affects us in different ways.

    badly placed objects – spiky plants,  the wrong picture for the room, poor lighting, uninspiring ornaments

    a negative attitude – which can affect you, your environment, other people and your life situation – but this is where feng shui can help.

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