Lemon and honey

Lemon and honey for health
Vijaya Kumar: Organiser.org

The Secret of Benefits of Lemon and Honey

PEOPLE all over the world are going in for organic products and the use of natural products. Natural, easily available and safe, lemon and honey have been used for ages to maintain a beautiful and healthy body. Crossing the threshold of the kitchen, these have found a place of pride in several modern-day cosmetics.

Traditionally used for human consumption, today lemon and honey are found not only in cosmetics, but also in fragrant baths, healing teas, refreshing drinks and vitamin-rich juices. They are commonly used in health care clinics. Each and every part of the lemon— pulp, peel and skin is used. Like lemon, honey has rejuvenating properties and the combined effect of both lemon and honey imparts vigour and vitality to daily life.

In ancient Egypt, lemon was used as leading nourishment and aphrodisiac. It was also believed that eating lemon and drinking its juice countered the effect of many poisons. The Greeks used it as a disinfectant, water-cleansing agent and healer of ailments. The Romans used it to keep moths out of woollen clothings and for preparing refreshing drinks.

Honey, on the other hand, possesses unique nutritional and medicinal properties. It has been proved that bacteria cannot survive in its presence because it is an excellent source of potassium and withdraws moisture from the bacteria, preventing the germs from surviving.

In India and Egypt, honey has been used for thousands of years in medicine. Ancient Greeks used it for several ailments and as health-giving nourishment and to embalm their dead as it retains its original qualities for years. For long, natural honey made by the bees was the only sweetener available to man

Lemon helps to stimulate the digestive system, is insect repellant, disinfects water, stimulates the body’s immune system, relieves flatulence, promotes healing of wounds, expels worms, and maintains healthy teeth. Honey helps sportspersons to recuperate rapidly from exertion, is a relaxant, calms the nervous system, provides warmth to the body, and when mixed with alcohol, it promotes hair growth. It also helps in curing acne, asthma, biliousness, belching, bronchitis, burning sensation when urinating, constipation, common cold, cough, corns, cystitis, digestive disorders, eczema, hair loss, headache, hypertension when taken with other items in a particular manner, as described in the book.

Honey has great curative powers as it acts as a sedative, promotes sleep, heals cough, relieves constipation, stops twitching of eyelids, cramps, heals burns, has rejuvenating power, cures hay fever, stops mouth ulcers, curbs frequent urination and reduces weight. It also helps in heart disease, anaemia, eye disorders, oral diseases, sexual debility and pulmonary disease.

The book also gives methods for preparing face masks and packs for cleansing the skin, for hair care, for fragrant baths and for aching and tired feet.

At the end of the book are given recipes for preparing refreshing drinks like spicy lemonade, fruit punch, honeyed vodka, spiced tea, mixed cocktail, papaya passion and many others.

This is a practical guide especially for female readers who are more conscious about their health and beauty.


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