Harmonious Home

Create a Harmonious Home with Feng Shui

Feng Shui wisdom places a big importance on the center of your place, also called the Heart of the Home, or the Tai Chi point. It is a sacred place where all other energies of your home originate from and thus, depend upon. Keeping it clean, open and clutter-free at all times is a must for a healthy and harmonious home.

In feng shui terms, each area of your house is connected to a specific area of your life. For example, East area of your space is “responsible” for the energy of Health and Family, while Southwest area – for Love Relationships and Marriage. The Ba-Gua, or Energy Map of the space, is used to access the relationship between the physical space and the lives of people who live in that space.

Ideally, you would start applying feng shui cures after releasing most of the clutter from your environment.

Living in a clutter-free home will bring amazing clarity and heightened energy levels into your life. It will also make space for new and better things to come to you.

To bring more harmony into your home, consider implementing some basic feng shui cures, such as:

How To Build A Wind Chime  Home

Anyone can build a wind chime fairly easily. A wind chime can be constructed out of various materials that can be found anywhere, such as metal pipes, seashells, rocks, or glass. The easiest item to use is metal pipe, so that is what we will focus on. The items needed to build a wind chime can be purchased at any place that sells hardware, hobby items, craft items, or home improvement stores. Basic items needed are metal pipes, a support ring, a wood or metal object for the clapper, string, a drill, and a pipe cutter.

Steps To Build A Wind Chime

You should begin by cutting the length of the largest chime. This will determine the lengths of the other chimes. After cutting through the pipe with the pipe cutter, remove any sharp edges by filing the metal smooth or using the metal remover tool found on the back of many commercial pipe cutters.

The next step to build a wind chime is to produce the sound you would like the chime to make. Tap the chime near the base to hear the sound it produces. If you like the tone, then there is nothing else to be done with this chime. If you do not like the tone, gently shave increments of metal off of the bottom of the chime to change the tone. The shorter the chime is, the higher tone it will produce. This is the most time consuming step when you build a wind chime, particularly if you are trying to produce a specific sound. Repeat steps one and two for each length of pipe you would like to turn into a chime.

The third step when you build a wind chime is to measure each chime about ¼ of the way down the length and drill holes in either side of the chime. Make sure they are even as this is where the support strings will go. Run the string either through all of the chimes or use a different length of string for each chime. The second option is the best as it adds to the stability of the wind chime. Ensure that either all of the tops or all of the bottoms of the chimes are aligned so that the entire wind chime will hang evenly once supported.
Next, you will attach the individual chimes to the support ring for hanging. The last step to build a wind chime is to hang whatever you have chosen to use as a clapper from a string from the support ring into the center of the chimes. When the wind blows, the clapper will swing, striking the chimes and creating a beautiful sound. Now you know how to build a wind chime.










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